Vesterfield Farms

Wholesome goodness from our farm to your table

Vesterfield Farms is a fourth generation farm located in Cochran Georgia and operated currently by Tim, Kaye, and Timmy Smith. The farm was named after Tim's  grandfather Sylvester Mullis who was known as "Vester" by friends and family. Vester and Pauline moved to this land on January 2, 1940 and raised their 10 children. There was no such thing as going to the grocery store in those days so this farm grew everything  they needed to survive.

Today the farm is still producing food for our family and many others.  At Vesterfield Farms our vegetables are naturally grown with a commitment to high quality, great taste, and nutritional value. We believe that in order for the food that sustains us to reach its full potential, the soil in which it grows should be as healthy as possible. Our soil's fertility is built by composting, crop rotation, and cover-cropping. We farm in a sustainable and natural way so you can feel confident that you are feeding your family incredibly nutritious food that is pesticide and herbicide free. We grow and sell to others only what we eat ourselves.

Free range hens provide jumbo brown eggs that we eat and sell to repeat customers. All eggs are graded and candled by a certified grader. Bees from our hives make a very light and mild honey mostly from the first wild flowers and trees that bloom in the spring.

Our vegetables are sold at various local farmer's markets. We also grow cut flowers for sale both wholesale and retail.